Nurofen ad concept
For this concept I had to create an image of an epic sea storm all within a teacup. This would be promoting Nurofen cold and flu remedy. The headline of the advert would be “calm the situation.” The phrase storm in a teacup is a classic idiom which means “small things being taken out of proportion.” In this case the teacup represents the person and the storm and seas the mind effected by illness (cold or flu). This juxtaposition of the benign cup and the violent storm (or calm person and overwhelming illness) will I think work well in the representation of the brand. It is my job as art director and graphic designer to make this concept viable for a real world advertisement.
The numerous stages for this poster started with a photoshoot of a teacup, this had to be in keeping with my original marker visuals. The next stage was to create the elements within and around the cup, this included the cloud, the cup fragments, lightning and rain, which were all made from scratch with elements and lighting effects. The other componants included the stormy seas, giant tentacle, submarine, which were all edited and layered to achieve the final composition.

Knorr ad concept
An ad campaign for Knorr, promoting  it’s fresh environmentally friendly approach to it’s products. The  process involved photography and photo manipulation.

Roundup ad concept
The ad is for Roundup weedkiller. This ad shows how weeds take over the garden with the strap-line “it’s time to take back what is yours.” I went for a B-movie feel with a hint of western. My initial drawings were scanned and opened in illustrator where I drew and coloured using a tablet . The final    touches were made in Photoshop.

I use the traditional  methods to get my final outcome . I start with  brainstorming  ideas followed by  a series of quick black and white visuals followed by more detailed colour marker visuals and finally a detailed full marker visual. On the right are some of the processes done to achieve a final outcome.

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